March 10, 2009

Timeless Twist : "A La Parisienne"

This style I find particularly difficult, even though my hair is normally pliant and obedient. I have tried for years to do a French Twist and for years have failed miserably. My early attempts ended up looking like hedgehogs clinging to the back of my head: just a sagging mass of hair pins and unbrushed locks. But I finally conquered the twist, and here is the final attempt. Please pardon the blurry pictures; I was teaching myself how to take successful pictures of myself.

Since this semi-triumph, I have never again tried to do a twist. I worked this particular urge out of my system and now have no wish to do more. I also have no real idea how I did this, but I think it was a little like this:

~wrap your hair loosely around your non-dominant hand at the base of your head (hand should have thumb facing away from you and pinkie finger touching head)
~turn hand with hair so finger tips touch the head
~wrap this hair bundle (carefully extricating your hand) in towards your head so you have a horizontal roll against your head
~turn this roll perpendicular and tuck in the sagging hair at the bottom
~hold in place with claw or octopus clips and then pin with hair pins and remove clips.

Adding flowers to your do will help hide any saggy areas or stray pieces of hair. Good luck!(Note: this do is easier if you have curly or coarse hair that will stick to itself a bit. Fine hair tends to fall out all over the place.)


  1. My hair is so fine that all attempts at this fail miserably with me. :( But your hair looks soooo pretty here! I love this blog! <3


  2. I do have fine hair, but I'm willing to give it a go anyways. We'll see what happens ^_^

  3. Looks great but i can tell you how to do a real french twist and its easy! This is also a very secure up do. Brush you hair well or not depends on the look you want.

    1)Grab all your hair and pull back like your going to do a high ponytail and twist straight up. This will ensure that the twist starts at your neck and follows up your head.

    2)Hold what you want to be the top with one hand (I do mine at the very top) and pull remaining twist to the "open" side of the twist along the back of your head.

    3) Tuck remaining hair under the twist along your head where it cannot be seen.

    4)Secure with about 5-8 hair pins. Bobby pins work but will make it very tight and will force you to forgo the messy or romantic look.

    I like to poof the front and sides about 2 inches and sometimes curl the little tendrils that fall out if i have time. Otherwise i just spray and stick them back in place. I have long enough that i don't always tuck all the hair in the twist along my head but loop it back and forth creating a more complicated look. Its just as easy as the other way. This do takes about 3-5 min to do depending on what kind of look you want. I have done it in less than 1 min but I didn't poof it or anything. I made it tight, very secure and slick looking, as my hair was wet at the time. For poofy always dry hair upside down! P.S. I have straight hair with no real body of its own, lol. It looks like it does when i poof it though.


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