March 12, 2009

"Lucrezia Borgia" : elegance mixed with poison

Here is a style for any hair type, although your hair has to be at least to your shoulder blades to do this one.

It is an Italian Renaissance do that can be modified to accommodate hair length. You can use ribbons or not. I find it difficult to braid ribbons into my hair because for the first few inches, they want to fall out of the braid. After that, the tightness of the braid holds them in.

~part hair in the middle or to the side (I did side. It is more flattering) and make two small braids with front hair (ribbons optional)
~split hair down back to make two braids over your shoulders. Put the small braids in the back strand of the big braid and make sure this back strand goes underneath the others as you start braiding
~secure both braids with bands at bottom
~bring braids to back of head and cross them over, bringing the ends to the top of your head
~fold the ends over underneath the braids
~secure in place with hair pins (making sure your hairbands don't show like mine do here!)

Modifications: If your hair is too long to do this, you can cross the braids over and then spiral them into a bun in the middle back of your head. If you can't do ribbons, you can attach pearls or beads to bobby pins with string and secure these in your do so they hang free and sparkle in the sunlight.

Now you're ready to dazzle all the knights at the Renn Faire!


  1. I'm going to try this in the morning! (Right now, I have a quasi-Elizabeth Bennet style in!)It looks so lovely, I'll have to ransack my case for some ribbons!


  2. Send me a pic of your style!

  3. Hey Robin! Great blog! I'm always looking for period-style hairdos.. =)


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