January 31, 2010

Cinnamon Roll Buns

The first style here was made by my friend Sarah and I have no idea how she did it.

The second is a pretty simple bun I wore at Christmas that got lots of comments (positive). You basically make it the opposite way you usually make a bun. Instead of spiraling from the inside to the outside, you twist the hair and make the big outside spiral first. Then you go in until the last bit of hair is in the very inside of the bun.

January 20, 2010

Goddess Braid

Here is my favorite new do. It does require a trip to Claire's or Icing, but is well worth the nominal amount of money. It gives you a mature earth-mother-like feel and a sweet sprightliness all at once. And so I call it the Goddess Braid, or perhaps plait would be more appropriate. Anywhoo, what you need from Claires are some small fabric flowers (you could use feather flowers I guess, or a different color of them) and some little spirally things that have a jewel in the center. these you can twist into your hair and I have never seen them anywhere but Claire's. If you know where else to get them please comment and tell me. I currently only have diamond and red ones and am looking for pearl ones (which were discontinued at Claire's boo hoo). If there is no Claire's near you try a Fuego; they have some pretty sweet hair stuff too. The flowers should cost no more than $5 total and the hair spirals are usually about $12.50 (though they are always on sale). Good luck with this simple style and enjoy!