January 20, 2010

Goddess Braid

Here is my favorite new do. It does require a trip to Claire's or Icing, but is well worth the nominal amount of money. It gives you a mature earth-mother-like feel and a sweet sprightliness all at once. And so I call it the Goddess Braid, or perhaps plait would be more appropriate. Anywhoo, what you need from Claires are some small fabric flowers (you could use feather flowers I guess, or a different color of them) and some little spirally things that have a jewel in the center. these you can twist into your hair and I have never seen them anywhere but Claire's. If you know where else to get them please comment and tell me. I currently only have diamond and red ones and am looking for pearl ones (which were discontinued at Claire's boo hoo). If there is no Claire's near you try a Fuego; they have some pretty sweet hair stuff too. The flowers should cost no more than $5 total and the hair spirals are usually about $12.50 (though they are always on sale). Good luck with this simple style and enjoy!

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