March 29, 2009

Classic Regency Style: "Jane Bennet"

Regency styles are probably my favorite. Here is a simple one for any length or type of hair. It is understated yet sweet, so I call it the "Jane Bennet."

~ make a ponytail and wrap most of in into a bun, leaving some out to poke out of the middle of the bun (you can twist or braid the bun)
~ separate the hair you left out in to 2 or 3 strands and curl it (for extra pizazz, braid one of the strands and wrap it around the bun)
~ separate all the short front hair (I call them whispies) into little bunches and curl it

Voila! Here is the simplest Regency do you can make.


  1. So, quick question: What kind of curler do you use? A regular heated curling iron?

  2. I use a very old curling iron with steam. I recommend steam because it keeps curls in longer, but it is worse for your hair. Any curling iron that is less than 1 inch is good. Big curls (greater than 1 inch) are not period appropriate for most styles.

  3. Okay, thanks! I somehow missed this reply, so thank you for alerting me on my blog; I'll have to hunt around and see what I can find.


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