April 19, 2009

Roman Wedding Hairstyle

Here is a lovely style taken from a sculpture of a Roman bride. I wore it to my Roman themed b-day party. It seems tough, but really takes much less than half and hour.

To spice it up like I did with golden beads and pearls, you need to sew or glue beads to the ends of bobby pins so they dangle when you stick them into your bun. These take a long time to make. It took me two hours to make nine of them.

~make a high ponytail (the higher the better)
~separate two sections of hair, one for the braid and one for the curls
~wrap the bun and pin in place
~braid one strand of separated hair and pin to the top of your head like a crown
~curl the other strands of hair you left out
~if you have bangs, curl them, if you have decorated pins, put them in your bun.

I have also attached a picture of the original Roman do. You can't see all of it in the photo, and the statue has curly hair which I don't. If you have curly hair, You can skip the braid and make the twist around the head that the statue sports.

Since people in the Regency borrowed their styles from ancient Rome and Greece, this can also double as a Regency style. To make it more Regency-ish, you could have the curls come out of the side of the bun and not the back. You could also wrap a ribbon around the bun.

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