April 13, 2009

Advice on Buns

I am a ballerina, so I have been making buns for about 10 years. I think I can safely say I have perfected the art. but many people, including some of my fellow dancers, still don't understand how to make a really becoming bun. Here are my tips:

Make all buns pretty loose. If they are tightly wound they stick out from the head like a doorknob. A loose bun that is pinned close to the head and looks like a part of the head is far better looking. a tight bun makes you look like you have an embolism on the back of your head.

Now I will break the rule I just laid out: Regency and Victorian buns, especially early Regency and Victorian, should slightly resemble doorknobs. Late Regency buns can be flatter to the head.

Use long hair pins to make buns, not little bobby pins. They are more stable and becoming. You can find long hair pins online at ballet supply stores.

If you are going to make a tight bun, don't have it in for too long. Tight buns put a lot of stress on hair follicles and can cause hair to fall out. I am only 18 and I already have thinning hair because of ballet buns.

If you have really thin hair, buns will only make your hair look even thinner.

Braided buns are pretty, but the beginning of the braid often makes a great bump right in the middle of the bun. To avoid this, braid the first part of the braid tightly, and the last part loosely.

Well, there is my bun advice. I submit it for you criticism. If you have another bun trick that you think makes buns more elegant, send me an email about it. And if nothing else, do something with your bun, like put a flower in it or two braids going into it. Buns have for centuries been a symbol of elegance; let them be so now too!

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  1. Good article Robin! Totally understand the "doorknob" bun thing! When I had really long hair, it was really knobby in a bun. And Norman got mad at me once. But you don't want a bun that's too loose, or it won't survive a class.
    When I wear my hair in a bun outside, people ask me "Are you a ballet dancer"?
    I really like the look of the french twist. But it's hard with my longer hair to put it up. Maybe we could figure in out sometime? :D
    love, Anna


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