June 14, 2011

Braids, oh so underappreciated... until now...

I felt very vindicated [in my love for braids] when I was reading a style article the other day about how braids are very in this season. I had read so many fashion articles on how braids are dowdy, braids are old, braids are plain, braids are unflattering that I had almost given up hope for my favorite go-to hairstyle. And though this article did only praise loose over-the-shoulder braids (combined with long bangs), I am hopeful that braids really are making a comeback. I feel that their old-fashioned look isn't dowdy, it is elegant, and remininscent of vikings and medieval princesses. And who wouldn't want to be a viking warrior woman or a medieval princess? Really. And guys like them to. Guys like no-nonsense styles that flatter a woman's face and figure and, yes, look a little bit romantic! I feel that modern stylists get too caught up in using hairspray and pins and making sure every hair is in place. But messy hair is sexy. What man wants to mess with stiff sprayed hair or pins during a makeout session? And what girl want to have a guy touch her hair and say, "It's so... stiff." Again, really. Hairstylists of the world: make it simple.

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