October 30, 2009

1940's/Victorian/ Edwardian do

This is the classic "rolled" style seen in every WWII movie ever made. Women used rolls of cloth (or today, styrofoam or foam) under their hair to make the sausage-like rolls. I didn't use anything because my hair is think, but you might want to consider rollers if you have thin hair. This style was stolen from the mid to late Victorian era and the Edwardian era (1901-1910). In the 1800's, it would have been an easy home-day do, not a party do. Towards the turn of the century it became more popular out of the home, but still not at parties, unless you left a few curls hanging out and attached some flowers and diamonds. Diamonds make everything better.

I cheated and used octopus clips to hold the bun at the bottom because my hair was too heavy to be held by hair pins. If you have thin or short hair this will not be a problem. If you have long thick hair and will be wearing this do to a party, you could cover the clips with flowers or ribbons.


  1. Thank you, I've always wanted to try this!

    Hopefully my hair isn't too long to pull this off, haha, but I'll try to give it a shot tomorrow. I'm going to the theatre, so this would be excellent.

  2. My hair was almost to my waist when I did this. You should be fine, especially if your hair is a little thinner than mine.

  3. pretty! Unfortunately, I think my forehead is way too wide for this do.


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