May 3, 2009

A La Greque: "Marianne Dashwood"

This is the favorite style of Marianne Dashwood and works great for people who have naturally curly hair and don't have to curl it. You can make A La Greque in many ways, but the signature of this style is the band around the head and bun. Any coiffure with this Greek style band is A La Greque, and you can embellish with jewels, flowers, or a gold brocade band.

With this style, you definitely need the front curls around the forehead and ears. If you have curly hair, you can get away with a much less structured bun in the back and let the curles fall out all over the place.

Always make sure your hair is clean for this style, because clean hair has more body and poof.

Here, too is a picture of Marianne Dashwood with A La Greque.

Here are some directions:

~curl your hair (if you only want to leave a few curls out as i did, don't curl all your hair)

~put it is a loose ponytail and then make a very loose bun, only twisting the curled hair into the bun a little bit so it hangs free (if you have naturally curled hair, you can skip the bun and just pin it in a messy mass to the back of your head)

~take a long ribbon or piece of cloth and wrap it around your head as follows : starting under the bun with equal lengths on either side, cross over the bun to bottom again, then bring over head and back down to bun where you can pin it or tie it in a bow. Be sure to pin the part on your head in place.

~now curl any bangs or whispies by your ears or at the base of your neck.

C'est fini!


  1. What a great and fun blog. I so enjoy seeing the old hairstyles with the how-tos. I am bookmarking your blog so that I can visit often. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I very much like this style-as I like many others you have- however, I am rather ill-experienced with hair. Especially with my own do I struggle. I have several dances to attend soon, and I would love to wear this style. If you could please be so generous as to post simple instructions I would greatly appricate it!

  3. thank-you thank-you! I have been looking for this! I am following your blog now so I can see all the new (old) hairstyles you come up with. What fun :) I've been growing my hair out for ages and it's so nice to find elegant things to do with it - I'm getting tired of my pony tails.


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